My Favorite PS3 Shooting Games

The PlayStation 3 has the some of the most popular console games available currently. With the hundreds of games available today, it’s difficult to pick which you want to try. There are numerous games to pick from when wanting to play a console game online There are many options. One of the great things regarding this console PlayStation 3 is that it offers free online multiplayer. Contrary to Xbox 360, which is a paid-for game. Xbox 360, you have to pay for it. This is why we have listed the top Multiplayer PS3 video games!

Little Big Planet

If you’re looking to play a play a platformer with three of your buddies Then Little Big Planet is the most enjoyable platformer game for any console with video games! It allows you to explore its many worlds to collect treasures and coins and have fun with your fellow players. The best part about Little Big Planet is that you can design your own levels on the internet! If you’re looking to create a Mario Brothers levels with your companion, it’s an easy and simple thing to accomplish!

Uncharted 2

If you’re looking for an adventure shooter, it’s Uncharted 2 is it. It’s played from a 3rd person perspective, which means it won’t cause you to feel dizzy as the first-person perspective video game. This game is where you’re looking for treasures similar to the games like capture the flag or go on a journey with friends in a quest by playing multiple co-op games in the game. The game was voted the top video game of 2009, this is the game you should buy for the most realistic 3rd-person shooting video!


If you love flying, or shooting like a marine, Warhawk is the most exciting online multiplayer game experiences you’ve ever had! You are able to play against 32 other players online. They have dedicated servers that do not have to worry about lag or interruptions to your game. It’s an exciting experience that you should take advantage of online gaming!

If you don’t have PS3, you can enjoy an awesome multiplayer shooting game which is called Merc Zone – it does not require additional software or install, play it through browser.